Just the two of us!!

Oh my life…My first blog…What do I write about? What do you care about? With the voice of SEO words to fit in here…naturally ?

Passion! Not easy! Hardwork! Winging it! We’ll get there!

These are word’s that go through my head all the time. It’s bloomin hard running your own business and what’s being displayed on the outside and through our social media, marketing literature and website isn’t always the truth. It’s what we want you to see. But I think it’s important to be honest..

We are not a huge company, there are 2 of us that have amazing support from people around us. We took a gamble and left our full-time roles in order to do our own thing.

We had the conversations with a glass of fizz saying this will be amazing, we’ll do X.Y.Z but it’s not all that.

We are sales, marketing, finance, operations, development, general do everything people but…and this is what it is, when I’m laying in bed going ‘shizzle’ we’re about to invest the biggest amount of money ever into this… It’s ours! We make the decisions, we can have time off to see our kid’s events (sometimes not always best – flash back to recorder assembly!) make decisions of which charities to work with and have a huge influence of who we work with and how we work with them.

We have some amazing suppliers, yes, we’ve been tested… but it’s all about learning. Sometimes the hard way.

I’ve never known so much about wood (there..got a SEO word in) personalised.. done it again…

I’ve learnt to use a band saw to make our products, Lisa has flown solo in sales world as you’ll see me lingering in the back with a taser gun ?

So I guess what I’m trying to write is that we will be honest in this blog, we will celebrate our achievements because why not but I’ll also write about the real life of The Sugar Shed..so not to ‘Sugar coat’ (sorry..) it. This is real. It’s our lives.

We are a company that prints your memories, your lives onto wood. So we know about you, now you’ll get to know us. Stand by your beds…