Enterprise Vision Awards

Our EVA journey…. These awards are a great event that celebrates and recognises women in businesses across the North West UK. We were nominated for the Internet Industry award and somehow or other we were selected as a finalist.

After trotting down to Blackpool for an interview with a panel of lovely ladies, we took a car full of our Sugar Shed products to show off, Lisa had her script ready and off we went. All was going well until Lisa announced at the end that she loved just writing stuff down and wasn’t really that into computers…. I turned my face slowly at her…my mouth slightly open and smirking… what the hell has she just said…

After months waiting, it was finally the awards night.. this had slowly crept up on us and I had child care to sort out. I had about an hour to get ready, pick my daughter up from school and drop her off at her Gran’s.

Thinking I was being really clever I thought I’d do all my make up and hair before school pick up to save time…  back combing…what even is that? I did this strange thing to myself and looked more like I’d been electrocuted… I thought…’It will calm down…it will brush smooth’?? I managed to get it in an ‘up do’ with volume and used 7 cans of hairspray!

My make up… I went full on…Complete, full foundation coverage, gold & black smokey eyes…

This all looks good when combined with a dress and venue…

The school run.. I’m not so sure?

I must look like complete crap most of the time with my hair in a mum bun as I had quite a lot of comments…

Especially from my greatest critique, If you’re ever feeling a teensy bit good about yourself… you can always rely on this one..

The look! She sweeps her eyes over her Mother, somethings not right with her Mother (as she refers to me as)…Her friends look at her, she looks back at them…walks up to me…

Mum, What’s wrong with your hair? You look like that Danny bloke out of Grease….

Wella Wella EVA’s here we come.

It wasn’t to be for us this year and we didn’t win… But lots of our amazing friends from here in fantastic Cumbria did. I was really proud of them all. The venue was absolutely stunning (Winter Gardens, Blackpool) ….I actually thought I’d won 2 weeks all-inclusive to Dubai…as part of some cruel bingo game!

Thank you to the Pink Link Ladies for an absolutely smashing night.

I returned back to the normal school pick up look and Lisa still writes things down on bloody paper!