Know your worth…

These words are what we live by… It’s hard to stick to, especially as we are moving into retail. Where it can be hard when being told your products are too expensive, people won’t buy them etc….

But you know what…by sticking to these three very important words we know that either this retailer isn’t right for us. (It’s good to say no sometimes and walk away). Our customers and our retailers customers know and should expect that they are getting a high end product from us and that comes at a price..not a greedy price. But a fair one.

When we first dipped our retail toe, we (naively) thought everyone local to us would fully grasp us and our product, we’re local!! Let’s support local???…doesn’t work like that we found. It’s actually quite clickety click… you need to (rightly) prove yourselves, you need to be seen at the trade shows, you need to give products away, you need to deal with the shut local doors.

One lady, who will never know the impact she has had on our business and it’s journey is..Maria Whitehead, Director & Co Owner of Hawkshead Relish. (www.hawksheadrelish.com) She came across us at The Cumbria Life Christmas event at Rheged last year. She ordered some products from us and invited us to come for a chat with her. She took the time to show myslef and Lisa round her factory. Those three words ‘Know your worth’ was the best bit of advice she gave us. Whenever we wobble, whenever we’re pushed I think of her and her advice.

So thank you to Maria, for your words of advice and supporting a local business finding their way and making the time for us.