This shizzle just got real!

OH MY LIFE! This shizzle got real. We have taken the big, scary, ‘sleepless night causer’ step and invested in Vera.. our new and amazing printer.

This isn’t just a normal printer…she’s a beaut! She prints detail like we’ve never seen before. The quality is outstanding.

We took this decision as we wanted more control and flexibility with our ideas. We (Me!) are so last minute when ordering gifts that it has grated on me since I took over the business that we had to put a 14 day turnaround time..That’s crazy..Yes its worth the wait, but C’mon we hear you say.

I wake up at 3am with an idea and I hated the wait, I can now pop down to our workshop and play, develop and come up with some crazy new products.

Now to get to this stage we had to go to a print show… probably one of the most boring things I’ve gone to.. Sorry printer peeps! Now I feel like I’m always taking the pizzle out of Lisa (which I usually am as she’s bloody hilarious) She sorts out the tickets, It’ll take all day…(?) our tickets are non changeable so basically we get the train at 8am and we have return tickets booked at 7pm… I don’t know what we were expecting..to wander round every single hall in the NEC, regardless of whether it was on printers…we got there at 11am and we were done at 12.30pm… Obviously!

So we had a lovely lunch, glass of wine & went shopping… Owning your own business goals…

For reference printer selling men… we don’t really like being sold to in the old fashioned sleazy selling technique..No we won’t give you our ‘Stat’s…We know exactly what printer we want… we know what it does as we’ve done our research… and don’t speak to us like we’re bloody idiots on a jolly..(Okay…at 12.31 we were ?)