Going that extra mile to get the right shots!

For Alastair, Photography runs in the blood, he is the 4th generation of Photographer in his family but has decided to step on a different path away from the family business to create his own. After graduating from Staffs Uni in 2017, he decided to move back up to Cumbria and pursue his passion of photography and technology.

In the same summer of graduating he became a Commercial Drone Pilot. Using this new technology with his photography passion Alastair Herd Photography was created around being drone photography and videography specialists in Cumbria.

We are fully insured with Moonrock Drone Insurance with £5m PL and hold an active PfCO issued by CAA.


Feather & Wild

Sometimes a simple pen sketch is enough to evoke a memory or an emotion, but putting paint to canvas is where my heart is fully able to express the feelings I have. Using my hands in my painting practice, allows me to express the emotion behind the art, creating tactile pieces which through the use of a limited selection of warm toned hues, evoking ethereal atmospheres. 

There’s a simplicity to my illustrative work, choosing to use handmade papers and simple marks with the smallest of fine point pens, the effect often instilling a sense of peace and strength.



We are so lucky to live in one of the best natural playgroundsaround. Many a day are spent walking our spaniels… or trying to find them!  We hope you enjoy our Lake District collection as much as we enjoyed making them.